Pi(e) Day Bake Along

Hey folks!

Pi Day is this Sunday (3/14) and our celebration is going virtual this year. The festivities will have two parts: a bake-off photo contest, and a pie bake-along on Sunday, 3/14 at 1:59pm.

Bake-Off Photo Contest:

Upload a picture of your baking to this form (https://forms.gle/RhDry3DjixSWsnN96). You can include anything you have baked during quarantine. Since we will be hosting a pie bake-along on Pi Day, we’ve included a category specifically for things baked on Pi Day.

Voting categories (with prizes!) will include: Best Quarantine Bake, Best Pi Day Bake, Prettiest, and Most Creative. We will also vote for Best Showing by a Research Area (no prize, just bragging rights) so encourage your peers to get involved. You can fill out the form multiple times for multiple entries. Voting will take place on Monday, 3/15 with winners announced Tuesday, 3/16.

Pie Bake-Along: 

We will have a bake-along on Pi Day, 3/14 at 1:59pm. Bakers of ALL experience levels are welcome to join us as we work through a simple apple pie recipe. If you want to make it even simpler, feel free to buy pre-made pie crust (or even cans of pre-made pie filling – we won’t judge!). And for advanced bakers, feel free to pick your own recipe and join us for some baking camaraderie.

Check you UW email to find Zoom details. This zoom room will also be open all day on Sunday for people to hop in and chat if you are baking stuff beyond the bake-along.

For the bake-along, you will need:

We hope you will join us for a celebration of pi and pie!

Best wishes,
Susan Sorensen, Jack Dolde, and Kunal Sanwalka

Recent Virtual Events – Spring 2021

PGSC has had fun hosting virtual social events for grad students this semester! In January we hosted virtual trivia night; see below for photos of our trivia contestants and hosts! Last week, first year representative Kunal taught fellow grad students how to bake a delicious chocolate cake. Yum!


Join us this week for game nights on Thursday and Friday with prospective students. And stay tuned for details about our upcoming Pi(e) Day activities and more!

Launching PGSC Social Pods

PGSC is launching a new program to create groups of people with similar interests via slack/email/etc. We hope this will be useful in connecting you with like-minded individuals with whom you can explore your hobbies. If you are interested in joining one of these social pods, you can find channels for each on the PGSC Slack workspace. Search for #social-pods- and join any you are interested in. There are currently groups for cooking, online games, crafting, music, sports, and more! (Note: any activities are intended to be virtual and/or covid-friendly.)