PGSC Elections for 2022-2023 – Candidate Profile

Hi everyone!

It’s come to that time of year again for PGSC Officer Elections! As you may have heard from the colloquium last Friday there is lots of things to work on around the department. If you are interested in being an officer please fill out the following form:

If you are wondering what the time commitments and tasks are for each position, check out this page!

Nominations will be open until next Friday, May 6th, at 5pm. Elections will be held the following week. We’ll be updating this web page each evening as new nominations come in so you can see who else is running!



Cameron Kuchta
PGSC President 2021-22



(Last Updated 5/18/22)

  • President
    • Cameron Kuchta
  • Vice President
    • Luca Riitano
  • Chair of Peer Mentoring
    • Vedant Basu
  • Chair of Recruit & Welcome
    • Michael Martinez
    • Jack Reily
  • Chair of Professional Development
    • no nominees yet
  • Chair of Social Activities
    • Elise Chavez
  • Representative for International Students
    • Priyadarshini Rajkumar
  • Representative for Abroad Students (CERN, etc.)
    • no nominees yet
  • At-Large Representative for 2nd/3rd years
    • Luca Riitano
    • Elise Chavez
  • At-Large Representative for 4th/5th/6th+ years
    • no nominees yet